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[FDD Power adaption]

 This mod is to add extra power to your 9600 pro. I'm sure everyone has noticed the board has the printed out deisgn of a power adapter to the board like the other 9500/9700 pros. Some brave soul was crazy enough or rich enough to solder an adapter on and plug her in. Guess what it works and it does help provide more power to your card. For most people this will equate to higher core and mem overclock values.

You first must check and make sure your 9600 pro has the proper components by the FDD power area. Look at this photo to see how some might differ:

Working FDD card and Newer BBA missing some parts

 Ok you need to find an extra Floppy style power adapter (I took mine off a 10 year old floppy drive.) Next you need to attach that to your 9600 pro. what I did was use a desoldering gun (sucks solder out) of the 4 holes so I could be able to push the adapter striaght in.

Desoldering the holes

Once you get it down and snug just flip the board on to its front and solder the pins from the rear. Next you just plug your card in to the AGP slot and attach the FDD power cord. In my case I had to fabricate one out of old PSU cords.

Custom power connector (Molex to fdd)

A user by the name os Redheads on he rage3d forums stock OC was 533core/351mem. After he attached his fdd connector his max oc shot up to 546/377. Overvolting the stock 2.86ns samsung ram does achieve anyone on the 9600 pros any mhz but apparently with the fdd power adaption the ram really craves for it.

I personally gained roughly 15mhz on the mem w/o a volt mod from doing this mod. Feel free to submit your result to me to post here at my e-mail.