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1u Copper Heatsink install

   I recently got my new 1u copper heatsink+fan in today. I ordered this one. Its a very hefty piece and it was ruff to fit on the card.

   I didn't feel like tapping + threading the heatsink and using screws. Also I coudln't find 4-32" bolts at my local store. 6-32" won't fit through the PCB holes. I had some 1" 4-32 around with rubber feet. I decided I had to use them but I needed to cut off room in the fins for the bolt to sit into. I secured it to the pcb with nuts. I used lock washers under the bolt heads (core side) and used rubber spacers on the back with the bolts. Rubber so the nuts don't short anything. I tightened it all down and firm checked with a flashlight and a good strong connection between the HSF and the core was achieved. Artic silver 3 was used. Now on with the pictures. I'll have overclocking scores later.

1U hsf mod pics

[Stock GPU cooler replacing with Artic silver 3 thermal compound.]

  First we start off with a BBA reference card like so:

   The first mod I started with was to remove the stock HSF and place some ramsinks on the ram. I decided to stick with the same hsf but apply Artic silver 3 for a much better heat transfer. TO remove the stock hsf (featsink + fan) you pull the little pins out and you turn the card on its backside and push the two pegs out.

  This is what the core should look like after you clean off the goop with Rubbing Alcohol.

  And this is after I applied Artic Silver 3.

  The next step is to gently place the Heatsink back on the core evenly. Do not push hard on it. Just make sure the two "studs" go through the board. Then simply push the two pins back in. Initially I thought it woudln't be making good enough contact so I took the hsf back off and sure enough it was. So. I reapplied the as3 and place the hsf back on.


  Now on to the Ramsinks. I ordered some $12 MOFSET sinks used for motherboard chips. These work really well and don't cost $20+ like tweakmonsters. I used Artic Silver epoxy to attach these to the ram. AS Epoxy is perminent so you won't be getting the sinks off in the future. I simply followed the directions for applying the epoxy. I let them dry for roughly 20 minutes and they were secure.