Unoid's Water cooling Upgrade Project

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  The hardware: Athlon XP-M 2400
Kingston Hyperx 3000 2-2-2-6 2x512mb
DFI Ultra Infinity (socket A Nforce2)
And the rest of my old system...

Water cooling:
DangerDen maze4 Water block
DangerDen Black Ice Pro Radiator
Evercool Aluminum 120mm fan
DangerDen Round reservoir
Eheim 1250 Inline Pump
Cleaflex 60 Tubing, Distilled water, Zeroz Racing Fluid

Now on with the pictures and description. Overclocking results are at the bottom.

   All of my goodies laid out on my bed ready to be used!
   My Poor Used Maze4.
   Got a nice 15 minute lap job. Some 600grit then a bit of 1500grit. Also I had to drill the threads OUT to be able to use the 4hole mounting system instead of the socket holdown (my mobo doesn't let the socket holdown fit)
   I mocked up the top radiator with the fan planned to be on the outside since aluminum looks cool and I wanna pull air through, not push.
    Got that Rad placed and screwed in, So is the fan.
    I took a good 30 minutes planning how I wanted the watercooling parts located. It takes a little planning. Then I placed the items in their locations and measured off tubing to fit leaving a bit of extra length just in case.
   This wasn't as hard as I thought it all would be. Being my first WC setup and all. I mixed distilled water (couldn't find any de-ionized) with the racing fluid at about 1:15 , 1:20ish proportions. then circulated it all in the system and shook things up to get rid of the air bubbles and let it run for a few hours.
   With it being about 3am (pulling an all nighter working on the rig) I decided I would sleeve my PSU with all the goodies from SVC I got. Took me almost 3 hours to do it all.
   I had these two animals protecting me from all the scary creatures that go bump in the night while I sleeved the PSU.
    Since i had to de-thread those 4 holes in the waterblock (so the screws would move through those holes freely) to mount the sucker. It all went pretty good. Got the AS3 on and then tightened down all the springs and stuff!
   Time for a test run! I had to empty out the system and detach the damn reservoir to slide in the mobo tray again with everything in it. I threw some paper towels around to make sure no leaks were happening.
   I slipped in the PSU and started wiring everything up. I wanted a neat inside so I tucked all the wiring out as you see.
   it doesn't get much neater than that.
   Well everything is done mod wise and everything back to normal!
    Ain 't she purty? my 2 channel rheobus I have the top 120mm fan on one channel and I have the top 80mm exhaust and the side 80mm intake bridged on the 2nd channel.
   It doesn't get much cleaner or nicer than this.
   I also have two temp probes that attached to my rheobus. I ran one hiding along the top of the mobo and slid it into the north bridge heat sink. The second temp probe is shoved into the radiator fins.
   here it is with the side panel on with the lights on. Its a shame I'm hiding the cool watercooling and the pretty wire management under a non windowed panel.
   I sure do love the Ford Lightning Logo though. That mod took me a good 4 hours to do. Oh yeah I own a 99 Ford lightning.

Overclocking results:

First I decided to find my highest stable FSB with my memory 1:1 I was able to get up to 190mhz at 3.1Vdimm at 2-2-2-6. This was pretty darn disappointing. On the DFI forums there were plenty of helpful people. I decided to load up a beta bios (1-21). with this bios I was able to get up to 205mhz 1:1 2-2-2-6 at 2.9Vdimm. Now this was more like it. I settled with this fsb speed.

Next up to bat; the CPU. I booted up at 2.0Vcore at first 2200mhz. Ran some prime95 and 3dmark2001. Upped it to 2400mhz... Worked. and Finally the max stable was 2565Mhz at 1.95Vcore. upping the multiplier one more notched at 2.0V didn't net stable prime95.
SO my final clocks are: 205mhz FSB 1:1 mem 2-2-2-6 @ 2.9V, CPU at 2565Mhz at 1.95V with 43C full torture test Load Temps on the core. case temp was 31C with fans on low rpm's.

My screen capture with these settings is here - 300kb

My advice if you wanna get into a Athlon XP-M is to get 3500+rated memory at Cas2. so you can crank out 230-250mhz FSB 1:1.