Tinkerbell Paintjob by Steve "Unoid" W. 11-3-05

Brief Summary: Case paint mod for a friend. Screwing around

Pic 1. Heres is my workbench in my garage i'll be using to acomplish this paint job.

Pic 2. I Sanded the case's black steel with 600grit sandpaper to smooth it off. I then put on my base coat of dark dark blue. Then I taped this sidepanel off with a stencil of tinkerbell I printed out and cut out.

Pic 3. This is the same process as I described above yet for the other sid eof the case.

Pic 4. Heres the completed paintjob 4 hours later, I still got a fan blowing on it to dry it off and get the fumes off it.

Pic 5. A picture of the other side of the case.

Pic 6. Same side of the case but with a UV Light tube with the lights off in the garage to show the UV reactive pink flourescent paint.

Pic 7. The side panel side showing it lit up again!

I be..bee..believe Thats all folks!